A Quick and Simple ShowBox app Tutorial

ShowBox app makes a great addition to your Android device. It has amazing movies in several resolutions for you to watch, cast and download. But a lot of people find themselves confused while trying to get the app to work. And so, here we present a simple but pretty exhaustive tutorial to ShowBox app, that you can hopefully find of use to get the app’s features working for you like a dream.

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How to Stream ShowBox movies


Streaming ShowBox movies is a trifle. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Launch ShowBox app.
  • Choose a movie to watch. Tap it to open its page.
  • Select the resolution you are comfortable with, and then select a server and player you want to use.
  • Tap Play Now to run the movie. The movie should play on whichever movie player you select.

The default movie playing app for ShowBox is MX Player. You can replace it by GrowBox or one of its updates, available for free download and use. Growbox is great if you want to use Chromecasting as well.

How to download ShowBox movies to SD Card?

ShowBox often has the download button with the movies you browse. But if there are movies that don’t, you can use a different app to download the content that catches your fancy. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Download a movie downloader app. Popular choices include Vidmate and Advanced Download Manager. Set it as your default downloader.
  • Launch ShowBox, choose a movie and tap to open its page.
  • If there is a download button, you know the next step. But if there isn’t choose “Other Player” in the player option.
  • Tap Play, and choose the downloader app you have installed.
  • The download should be easy to initiate now. The procedure varies according to the device, but ADM, ES File Explorer and Vidmate all three require only one button to be tapped.

This is also a good method to follow to Download ShowBox movies to SD card.

Which app to use with ShowBox to download movies quicker?

ShowBox downloads movies through the Android Download Manager, which can be pretty slow, objectively speaking. To speed things up, you can use a downloader app. There are several video downloaders that can get the job done. Tubemate and Vidmate are two good options. They’re regarded as the fastest options around, but aren’t available on official stores. Play Store has ADM, which is pretty fast and queues videos nicely. Then, there’s apps like ES File Explorer, which have a downloader utility built-in, but are primarily file browsers you can use more often. Take your pick!

How to change settings in ShowBox?

Showbox is actually pretty customisable. You can modify a lot of settings as per your convenience. Here’s how to go about doing it.

  1. Launch ShowBox.
  2. Go to the top right hand corner. Tap the three dots to reveal a menu.
  3. You should be able to find settings there. Tap it and enjoy.
  4. There are other ways to modify the app’s settings too. When you have a notification of the app, long press it to reveal an information button. Use it to access the app’s settings.
  5. You can also go to your Android’s settings option from the home menu, and open the Apps option. This will get you the cache and other related settings like notification and overlay access.

How to uninstall Rogue ShowBox apk versions?

A lot on people are complaining that their apps are acting up. They’re reporting ads intruding outside the ShowBox app, the app not playing movies despite all attempts and also refusing to uninstall. If you’re facing a problem like this, it means you have used a bad website with a fake link to install the apk file. These fake links contain rogue apk files designed to generate an ill gotten income for the developers. They take up admin privileges on their own. To remove these rogue apps, therefore needs you to revoke those privileges. How to do that is described below in a list.

  1. Go to settings of your device.
  2. Enter Security in the list of options.
  3. Look for “Device Administrators”, and then look at All administrators.
  4. You should find the descriptions for each administrator. Disable all administrators which allow ads on the device, and disable ShowBox from the same menu if you find it there.
  5. Now you can go ahead and uninstall the rogue ShowBox apk file. Be careful with the next ShowBox apk file you download and install.

I hope this helps you figure out ShowBox app. Leave any more queries you have about it in the comments below.

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