ShowBox for Chromecast Download : Step by step Instructions

If you’re looking to use showbox for Chromecast, there’s a pretty simple way to go about it. In this short discussion, we’ll tell you about the easiest and simplest ways to run your favorite movies on ShowBox on the big screen with showbox apk.

showbox for chromecast

Casting movies to the big screen: Easy guide:

The way to cast movies to the big screen is to use a Chromecast dongle to enable your device to receive screen casts from other devices like Android smartphones, laptops or other devices with WiFi capabilities. The rest is easy business. Here’s what to do.

  • Buy a Chromecast dongle if your TV does not have built in screen casting support. Plug it into your TV’s USB port and you’re good. Switch on the WiFi.
  • Install a screen casting app like AllCast or LocalCast on your smartphone. The apps are available on the official app stores of most prominent smartphone OS.
  • Uninstall MX Player if you have it installed.
  • Install GrowBox apk from the internet. There are also upgrades of the app available called Growierbox and GrowiestBox.
  • Launch ShowBox. Go to the page of the movie you want to watch.
  • Choose the resolution and the source you want to access, and tap on Watch Now.
  • The movie will load automatically on GrowBox.
  • Tap the three dots on the top right corner of the screen to reveal a menu.
  • Go to Tools, and then choose Cast.
  • Run the screencasting app from the list that pops up. Connect to your TV.

You can now watch your favourite movie on the big screen with unmatchable ease. Your smartphone’s GrowBox app becomes the easiest remote control to use. You can simply touch to swipe at the screen to make your movie seek to the point you want. Same holds for brightness and volume.

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