Top 7 Christmas Horror Movies Of 2021

Last Christmas 2021 was believed to become terribly scary. These best horror Christmas movies will leave the viewers cold as ice and will turn Christmas into a horror festive.

Rudolph’s nose is not the only thing which appears red during the Christmas season. The Christmas season usually stands for calmness, happiness, a bit respite from the devils of the world. Of course it makes the festivity a famous destination for the dark Christmas movies Amazon and Disney + and Nextflix.

The killers on the list will make Christmas a really horror festival. When you wish to break away from the sugar mulled wine coma, make your way home after the movies with your heart pounding and your fears any red outfits. This Christmas list of last year 2021 was really a scary one!

Christmas Evil


In the “Christmas Evil” movie, it is less about the killings than about the oddity of Harry. It is widely regarded being one of the finest Christmas horror movies. “Christmas Evil” was telling about the humorous and the black story of the boy that loves Christmas. Harry was spending his life commemorating the festival. Face with cynicism and malice and, Harry at last seeks bloody revenge while being disguised as a Santa Claus.

Jessy – The stairs to death

This movie is being considered as an unknown cult model. This movie takes horror fun during the seventies. This movie is one of those forgotten horror classic movies and was once taken into consideration as a really scary show for TVs. The formula is just simple: a psychopath went on hunting in the student union during the Christmas season.

Gremlins – little monsters

“Gremlins” is really anything but an adorable children’s movie. A young man breaks the three main rules of his pet by accident. Now the horde of malicious monster is terrorizing their small town.


This Krampus is haunting all those who are not living in harmony. Watch out for this demonic wrath of the Krampus. Toni Colette and Adam Scott will show in the “Krampus” and this Christmas party that all be about surviving.

The Lodge

In the remote holiday village, the future stepmother and the two children of the fiancé are just meeting one another when the old demons woke up. “The Lodge” over the Amazon is the authentic psychological horror movie and that showed the pure cruelty of being a child. This movie will absolutely take you in a long way which is away from those contemplative Christmas celebrations.

A Christmas Horror Story

This movie “A Christmas Horror Story” will tell about the four Christmas horror tales. A radio presenter will tell about the nightmarish tales during Christmas Eve. An independent story will come together for that dramatic finale and there will no blood being spared. This movie “A Christmas Horror Story” over the Amazon will offer an interesting compilation of the stories, packed with intrigue and black humors.

American Horror Stories

This is the 4th episode of the “American Horror Stories” that revolves around the Christmas season. In this part “Who Was Naughty?” An anthology sequence of the “American Horror Stories” had taken Christmas into the next level. Due to the team of influencers that had to atone for some sensitive video that which they have posted on the social media. You can also watch “American Horror Story” over the Disney + spin-off.

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