Justice League Double Feature Film

Movie TimesAfter that cool trailer, I can inform you that it’s best to stay and watch the Ending Credit Roll, as a result of there is a scene (Epilogue) that sheds some light on the newly re-created digitized King Kong character.

Eager to find another movie venture that would end in another multi-platinum soundtrack album, Stigwood discovered a movie scripted by Jacob Brackman was being shopped round. Before Brackman was a display writer, he had been a lyricist who co-wrote just a few of Carly Simon’s hits. With Brackman writing the script, and Tim Curry attached because the star, Stigwood assumed the movie would have a musical element. In no time a deal was labored out with Moyle to make She Got The Shakes for RSO. Now with the backing of a major manufacturing firm, Moyle might afford to license standard songs for his movie, as well as make the most …

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