Showbox is an Android based software that help you stream TV shows and latest movies in your tablet or Android device. In today’s content, you will learn how to download and install Showbox for Kindle Fire. Showbox APK App works with all the versions of kindle fire tablet that includes the generation of HDX, HD, and first generation with the complementary of Amazon fire phone.

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This app is compatible with computer, Android, and also with iOS. Further, for those who have already owned Amazon Fire phone and are looking for Apps to stream online movies then it  is the right choice. You will also have full access to other models if you download Showbox Apk App for kindle HD, HD 6, HD 7, and HDX. In fact it will unleash all the thrills and funs of the movies you are going to watch with this very App.

A closer look to Showbox Apk for Kindle:

The kind of App you are looking for watching and downloading TV shows and movies is Showbox App. You can enjoy these facilities all for free with any working internet connection. Prior to its releasing dates, it was originally more focused into Android based devices. However, with its fame and popularity, it is now available for many platforms. Since am going to talk about Kindle, it is important for you to know that it can be installed to all the kinds of kindle devices quite easily. It is one of the best Apps for the above said reason.

Showbox APK Download

Showbox is not officially available for android phones on Google Playstore, because of which users need to download the Showbox APK file in order to get the app on their phone. below is the official Showbox APK download link from where you can download the app directly and install it without any problem.

download showbox apk


Download the app by clicking on the above button, and if you are not aware of the procedure to install an app through APK, then follow the below given steps.

How to Install Showbox APK on Android

Follow the exact steps given below to install the app without getting any error.

Step 1 : Download Showbox APK from the link given above to your Android device.

Step 2 : Go to your Android Settings>Security settings and enable “unknown sources” option. Only after this you will be able to install any app in APK format.

Step 3 : open the downloaded Showbox APK file and Click on “Install”  to initiate the installation process.

Step 4: Once the installation is completed, Open the app and let the app download its database files to run the app.

Thats it! You have successfully installed Showbox APK on your device.

Features of ShowBox App  

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There are many Apps available in the category of online streaming and watching of movies and TV shows. Showbox movies app is definitely the best without any doubt. The points cited below are the reason that will support the fact that why is it the best. Have a look.

  • Showbox APK APP comes with easy and simple installation.
  • User friendly interface as a result it is easier to understand it’s functionality to use.
  • Offers compatibility to almost all the platforms.
  • Pretty well organised application that can leave your jaw dropped.
  • It does not require username or password to access it. In fact it is absolutely free.
  • Not only you can watch the contents that you search for watching, you can share it with nearby friend and allies.
  • You can create or list your own favourite list of shows and movies. It can be downloaded anytime you or even watched anytime.
  • You can alter the resolution of video quality in showbox app in accordance to you device compatibility.
  • Supports in the platforms like Android, IOS gadgets, and Computer.
  • Used and welcomed by millions of people worldwide in no time.
  • With a single click you can watch all your favourite movies and shows instantly.
  • Daily updates of the latest movies on your device. Hence you don’t have to surf internet unnecessarily to get this kind of information.
  • It is not only safe and secured but also a genuine virus free App that comes with the complementary of very less file size.
  • It updates you with the latest version which comes with better and improved bug free experience.
  • You don’t require a single amount of expense to watch your favourite movies and TV shows which makes showbox apk app even more lovable.

So these are the some of the features of Showbox. You can know about the other features of this app after you have started using this App.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How To Download Showbox For PC?

The procedure is very simple. All you need is a good android emulator like bluestacks or manymo.

  • Download bluestacks software from internet.
  • Make your gmail account and login into to the bluestacks software.
  • You can use the above downloaded showbox apk file. Upload it to the emulator.
  • Your download Showbox for PC is done.

2. Will I face any legal issues if I use showbox ?

No, You are completely safe. Problem might be faced by the developers but the users of the app are completely safe from law. So nobody is needed to worrry.

3. Is showbox available for iOS ?

For now, Showbox is not officially available for iOS, but there is a great alternative of showbox available for iOS devices, that does pretty much same. Name of the app is “MovieBox”, you can get it on your app store.

4. Why can’t I update ShowBox?

Most users having trouble with updating ShowBox apk are facing it because of an incorrectly downloaded apk file. If you’re facing the same problem, it might prove useful to download the latest ShowBox 4.82 apk separately, delete the previous app and install the new apk file.

5 .How to sync subtitles with the dialogues?

Many people report the movie subtitles don’t sync with the audio in the movie or TV show. This is usually because multiple versions of the same video exist on the internet, and thus for the same dialogues, different subtitles can come to be created. Use a subtitle file that is compatible with your version of the video. Or, rectify the lag by syncing the text forward or backward as needed, using the menu on the top right corner in MX Player (the default video app for ShowBox).

6. How to Fix dark screen when playing Showbox on smartphone/laptop?

Dark screens can be due to several reasons. If the app or video player is taking too long to load, the screen can go dark. Otherwise, people who use brightness reduction overlay-based apps on their devices can sometimes find them triggering due to faults or incorrectly set defaults. To fix both cases, you can clear the cache. Clear the local cache for ShowBox app and the brightness app in the latter case. Clearing cache should void all data that is interfering with your entertainment, and restore things to a normal.

7. Why are the audio and video not working together?

Audio and Video are innate properties of the file that you stream and download, so they cannot be brought back to sync like you did with subtitles. Mostly, you can find alternative sources (like different servers) or resolutions to make the movie play with proper audio synchronisation. If not, you’ll have to wait till a better print is made available to the world.


8. ShowBox keeps stopping. How do i make it play smoothly?

ShowBox apk, like any other app, can be forced to terminate if there is not enough space in your memory to let the app function smoothly. The intuitive solution is such cases, therefore, becomes to clear the cache, data and remove all unnecessary apps, documents and media that you can, so there is more space to run the app. This also helps if you’re tired of slow buffering despite having a good internet connection.