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TheaterIstilah home theater mengacu pada seperangkat barang elektronik pengolah audio dan penampil video yang bertujuan menghadirkan hiburan di dalam rumah yang mendekati nuansa hiburan di bioskop. Dengan kata lain residence theater berarti bioskop dalam rumah.

Boal’s Theater of Oppressed is carried out by numerous theater teams world wide. In the Theater of the Oppressed, audience isn’t a passive viewer, however active participant in the efficiency. In the start, oppression is enacted by the actors, and the spect-actors are asked to take upon the stage to cope with oppression. Theater of the Oppressed addresses the problems of oppression through theatrical language. These days the variety of TV’s is thoughts boggling. Thankfully TV’s today are flat display screen TV’s so it is much easier to design the room without worrying about huge TV box of the previous. Theater is my subject of curiosity. I’m a daily theater goer. Mandala, one of the vital prestigious theater centers in Nepal, is in my neighborhood. Thanks for studying and appreciating my works.

Nepali theater tradition grew additional throughout Malla dynasty. Malla Kings have been writers, dancers, musicians, and completed actors. Pratap Malla dominated Nepal for 50 years (1639 – 1689). During his reign, Pratap Malla launched many theatrical performances, which still are a part of Nepali festivals. The Malla Kings had been theater-lovers and practitioners, and drama was carried out in open-air phases during festivals. Plays composed by Pratap Malla and Jayaprakash Malla are a lot beloved even right this moment.

Noh is a conventional Japanese theater form belonging to 12th century, which continues to be practiced in Japan. In Noh Theater, stories are told in aural-visual kind. It incorporates symbolism and allusions. Music is essential part in Noh Theater. I love theatre, particularly road theatre. I find it so fascinating how the performers express emotions, words, and actions through motion. It has been years since I strolled by San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington, and renaissance festivals throughout California to observe the street theatre performances. You have taken me back to a memorable and satisfying time. Thank you, my friend.

Vsevolod Emilevich Meyerhold, a Russian theater artist, is believed to have first introduced street theater in 1917, to mark the first anniversary of October Revolution. Street theater emerged in Nepal within the 1980s, through the height of monarchical rule. Ashesh Malla, Artistic Director of Sarvanam, a theater group in Nepal, is credited for the street theater in Nepal. Plays performed on the road are referred to as avenue performs. Street plays are typically about social and political points, and performed for elevating awareness greater than the aesthetics. Street plays by Aarohan-Gurukul promote social justice, democracy and pluralism. The street performs cover issues corresponding to: HIV/AIDS, leprosy, sanitation, surroundings and inhabitants, community forestry, built-in neighborhood growth, schooling, and so forth.