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This movie is originally a Russian mystery thriller film of director Tigran Sahakyan with the writers Denis Kosyakov, Olga Rud and Alexandr Nazarov.

Cast Lists

Irina Antonenko acted as Katya Mikhail Filippov acted as Roman Mikalovic

Anastasiya Grachyova acted as Masha Vladimir Gusev acted as Caretaker

Denis Kosyakov acted as Denis Alexey Mikhailov acted as Extra Brigadier

Andrey Nazimov acted as Kirill Aleksandr Nikitchenko acted as Taxi Driver

Ingrid Olerinskaya acted as Vika Sergey Todorov acted as Snow Groomer

Viktoriya Pyatakina acted as Caretaker 2 Angelina Pikovskaya acted as Katya’s Daughter

Marina Vasilenko acted as Kirill’s Mother Elena Vetrova acted as Caretaker 1

Kseniya Shumeyko acted as Kirill’s Sister



During a winter break time in the Urals, the merry band of about twenty-something people, two girls and three boys made their way to the old funicular and these so these five young adults just wishes that they can have an unforgettable celebration of New Year’s Eve over the top of a mountain and just be happy on New Year.

However, their fun adventure turned into a terrifying evening when a cable car grinded to a stop over the abyss. The gondola lift were stacked and the sub-zero temperatures, fear of the slow death, confinement, and the height made the conflict and the further calamities as the people were fighting for their survival. The supposed to be an adventurous party became a battle of existence.

Writer’s Opinion

You will surely adore the similar sub-genre movie, and true that you will really dig its terrifying sequel, and although this technique is not a franchise. Four people were stuck on New Year’s Eve of 100 meters off a ground, during the blizzard in the gondola lift. It is kind of the same thing, but with lesser shelter, in the Adam Green’s Frozen around 3 were stuck.

For some causes, it is one strut more of the cord with since some people are deathly afraid of high places or heights and the victims were far lesser restrained and at all times on the falling edge. You should avoid all those heart aching scenes if you have a heart attack, because this movie has many of those scenes. It is not all praises you will give for this movie. There are some that might hope that the movie had their subtitled version for the dubbed version was really hard to understand with. The voices were incredibly frustrating and none fit of the characters and almost a charade of them.

The creative dream sequences, the aerial cinematography and the scene scope of the Russian hills ranges are tactfully utilized to make the story propel and to give suspense of the story in between the friends that inevitably start turning on each other. The cast were not really developed enough for the viewers to genuinely connect to each of them as the cast gradually start turning on each other. Its rapid descended into madness by most of the casts is a bit harder to swallow with utmost measures being taken which barely make sense.

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