Christmas Horror Movies With Santa Claus In Their Titles

Santa is has been generally depicted as the jolly, white-bearded, portly man, usually with spectacles, wearing the red coat with the cuffs and the white fur collar, white-fur-cuffed of red trousers, black leather belt with boots, red hat with the white fur, and was carrying a big bag packed with gifts for the children. He was commonly portrayed as the laughing big guy in a way that hum like “ho-ho-ho”, but what if he became the opposite of what he was portrayed and dreamed of seeing of the many kids who wishes to received gifts from him.

Also, there is this legend of Krampus who comes around to give punishment to those naughty kids who have been misbehaving every Christmas, and at times traveling alongside the Saint Nicholas and dealing with the bad children, whereas Saint Nick is rewarding the good ones—and had been the element of the Central European myths for centuries. However, the Americans only became well known with this legend about 2000s, and rapidly Krampus then assumed that his role alongside the vampires, wizards, zombies as the staple of horror genres.

Below are the 10 Christmas horror movies wherein Krampus is the major role, followed by the smattering of films that also mentioned Krampus. Enjoy the list of the darkly festive stories to scare the spirit of your Christmas celebration. Let us start from the latest one

Mrs. Claus, 2018


The crowd of college learners attending the Christmas gets together at the sorority house that had the sinister past had been stalked by the bloodthirsty killer who was disguised in Mrs. Claus costume.

Secret Santa, 2015

The group of college students, struggling to get by their hectic exam period planned on having the liquor-filled party. They add the Secret Santa, and little they know that the killer was in town and had a special gift for all the bad and the good boys and girls.

Here Comes Santa, 2011

The lady setting up the Christmas ornaments for another lady was stalked by the slayer dressed in Santa Claus.

Santa’s Slay, 2005

Right after the millennium of scattering Christmas cheer, the Santa Claus reverted to his demonic identity and gives the present of fear.

Psycho Santa, 2003 Video

The PSYCHO SANTA is the horror anthology with the three tales and the linking segments.

The primary tale involved the two women, the quite attractive and the busty brunette with the redheaded goth chick that looks about twenty years matured than her friend.

The tale two involved the two burglars.

The third tale has a sister and a brother who was lost in the forest and encountered the facially-mutated psychotic known as Santa Claus.

Satan Claus, 1996 Video

On the evening before Christmas, the serial killer who is dressed in the outfit of Santa Claus stalks the New York streets looking for some blood. It appears that this madman is creating an ideal Christmas tree and decorating it with some portions of the victims. It will depend on the cast, his police official girlfriend and the voodoo lady to stop him.

Santa Claws, 1996

The marriage of a woman was starting to fall apart and their next door neighbor was not the man that he appeared to be. He was obsessed with woman and can do all things just to please her. He starts going extreme and eventually starts dressing up just like Santa Claus, then, killing people with the claw.

Santa Claus, 1959

Through the help of Merlin, the Santa Claus should defeat the devil machinations of a devil Pitch that will ruin Christmas.

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