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Comedy MoviesAs a Film Critic I love all sorts of genres, but if I had to choose 1 it might be Horror, as a result of they are distinctive and typically have good moral stories.

Seperti halnya sebelumnya, dekade eighty-an tak banyak movie komedi romantis yang diproduksi namun ada tiga film yang menonjol dan sukses luar biasa. Moonstruck (1987) digarap oleh Norman Jewison dan dibintangi oleh Cher dan Nicholas Cage. Film ini sendiri mendapatkan enam nominasi Oscar termasuk film terbaik dan meraih kemenangan untuk aktris utama, aktris pembantu, dan naskah orisinal terbaik. Kemudian sineas kondang Mike Nichols menggarap Working Girl (1988) yang dibintangi Melanie Griffith dan Harrison Ford. Film ini juga sukses meraih enam nominasi Oscar termasuk movie terbaik. Kemudian yang terakhir adalah When Harry Met Sally (1989) arahan Rob Reiner yang ditulis naskahnya oleh Nora Ephron. Ephron berhasil mereaih nominasi Oscar untuk naskahnya. Film yang dibintangi Billy Crystal dan Meg Ryan ini juga dihiasi belasan nomor-nomor populer yang romantis.

Lonely Lucy collects the fare at the subway and has a crush on a person she sees day by day. During the holidays, she saves his life after he’s mugged and thrown into the path of an oncoming train. The injured man goes into a coma; when Lucy finally ends up at the hospital she is mistaken for his fianceĆ©. She will get to know his family and ends up falling in love with his brother but she will’t admit it for concern of being unfaithful to a person in a coma she’s never spoken to. It ‘s a really funny film with romance, and has a couple of twists to it.

Hello! I really love your record of Christmas motion pictures! I adore this vacation and think about it the very best time of the year, when the whole family gathers together on the festive table, decorates the home and the Christmas tree, exchanges gifts and just has enjoyable! I’m certain that Christmas movies and cartoons (I like them as effectively and watch them with my kids annually) assist create that particular environment of this vacation and recollect all of the cherished desires and emotions now we have. They make individuals higher, reminding them of the happiness and all these good things that encompass them. I’m certain, these motion pictures will likely be popular in ten and even twenty years, as a result of they are the embodiment of happiness, family values and life as it’s! Thank you a large number, again!

This movie is an all out action film that’s grounded within the (fictional) West Country village of Sandford. A village the place crime is practically non-existent, even with the simple (cake-consuming) police drive, however there does appear to be plenty of tragic and obscure ‘accidents’ although this does not seem to concern the residents too much. Until Pegg’s character, Sgt. Angel, having been ‘promoted’ from the London Met to affix the ranks of the Sandford police pressure, turns into suspicious of the dark under-currents of this quite village and it is eccentric residents.