Different Types Of Theater Art

TheaterStreet Theater is the oldest type of theatrical efficiency. When the drama is carried out on the road, it’s referred to as Street Theater. Public spaces equivalent to road corner, purchasing malls, parking tons and so on. are used as performing space. Street Theater is open to all and it’s free, nevertheless, generally performers accumulate voluntary donation. Street Theater survives on the fact that many individuals can not pay to look at theatrical performances. Street Theater is used as a platform for social and political activism more than the aesthetics.

In the history of Nepal, 1950’s has a fantastic significance. Nepal not only opened up for the Westerners, but additionally entered into the modern period by embracing democracy. Nepali theater left commercialism in search of aesthetic style. Writers and artistes like Balkrishna Sama, Prachanda Malla, Gopal Prasad Rimal not solely wrote and produced original plays, but in addition took theater …

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