Santa Claws, 1996 | Horror Movies Reviews

This slasher movie is also called ‘Tis the Season which is both directed and written by John Russo. The scream queen B-film actress here was stalked by her obsessed fan. This movie gives the insider’s view of about the challenges that the actresses and the actors are facing about the violent stalker fans plus it describes the downside part of being famous.

This is about the B-horror movie star who has been stalked by her deranged fan bent over claiming her to be for him.

Cast Lists

Debbie Rochon performed as Raven Quinn John Mowod

Grant Kramer performed as Wayne



The tale of the movie is about the horror movie star, the actress who was known as Raven Quinn (Debbie Rochon). Right after her marriage did not succeed, she won the custody to look after her daughters and so she had to raise them alone. She felt fortunate that

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Santa Claus, 1959 | Horror Movies Reviews

This Mexican fantasy film is sometimes called as Santa Claus versus the Devil and under the direction of Rene Cardona with the co-writer Adolfo Torres Portillo. Within the movie, Santa Claus worked in the outer space and fights with Pitch, the demon, who was sent to Earth through Lucifer to ruin the Christmas celebration through slaying Santa and “making every kid of the Earth to do evil”.

Cast Lists

José Elías Moreno performed as Santa Claus

Cesáreo Quezadas performed as Pedro Lupita Quezadas performed as Lupita

Ken Smith performed as the narrator Ángel Di Stefani performed as Vulcan

Armando Arriola performed as Merlin Antonio Díaz Conde-hijo performed as Billy

Polo Ortín Queta Lavat



On 24th of December, Santa was preparing for his annual trip at the Toyland castle in the space. He played the organ while the children helper’s from all around the globe sing. In the meantime,

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Christmas Horror Movies With Santa Claus In Their Titles

Santa is has been generally depicted as the jolly, white-bearded, portly man, usually with spectacles, wearing the red coat with the cuffs and the white fur collar, white-fur-cuffed of red trousers, black leather belt with boots, red hat with the white fur, and was carrying a big bag packed with gifts for the children. He was commonly portrayed as the laughing big guy in a way that hum like “ho-ho-ho”, but what if he became the opposite of what he was portrayed and dreamed of seeing of the many kids who wishes to received gifts from him.

Also, there is this legend of Krampus who comes around to give punishment to those naughty kids who have been misbehaving every Christmas, and at times traveling alongside the Saint Nicholas and dealing with the bad children, whereas Saint Nick is rewarding the good ones—and had been the element of the Central European

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My Old School Review – Wild Doc Effort Delivers

I have to confess that documentaries aren’t my favorite genre of film, despite the fact that documentaries manage to be some of my overall favorites. Generally, the ones made by people too close to, or in fact part of, the subject have the least chance of winning me over. At best they tend to be stylistically odd, and mostly they misunderstand what’s actually interesting about the story.

Thus, My Old School has everything going against it. It’s made by Jono McLeod, who has a few other documentaries under his belt, so at least this isn’t his only reason for becoming a documentarian, and he is indeed very close to the story. It’s also a rather simple mix of animated “recreations” and interview footage, with a hint of archival footage. Topping things off, Alan Cumming stands in as the subject for interview clips in which he lip syncs to interview

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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Review – Marvel Switches Gears… Again

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken the last few years to try out new spins, new characters, and most importantly, new thematic moods and styles. Such wheels have been spinning at least since the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which took a leap with characters few knew and leaned heavily into comedy. But, the last few films and series efforts like WandaVision, have tried to widely expand the kind of storytelling available. Normally a recipe for disaster, the juggernaut that is the MCU feels confident to attempt to widen its reach further, even at the expense of occasionally alienating fans. WandaVision, for one, shows just how well this can work out.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is a bit of a different beast, mixing and updating television sensibilities from a variety of genres (and decades) and trying to get to a result that establishes a strong female

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