This Map Shockingly Divides The US Up Into Five Different Favorite Kids’ Movies

Ask any parent, and they can probably tell you at least one kid movie that shaped their childhood somehow. These stories stick with us for a lifetime, and we often look forward to sharing the same movie with our kids when they’re old enough.

Of course, we all have our favorite kid movie, but a new map shows how shockingly dividing the US is when it comes to which kid movie is the favorite. Here’s what you need to know., a telecom research and comparison site, was curious to find out which kid movie was favored across the country. With so many movies to choose from, they polled 1,126 Americans in June 2022. They asked about their media preferences and which kid movie they preferred above others.

“In our research, we broke the county into nine regions,” explained, “following the names used by the US census.” Looking at the data, the country was divided by only five kid movies, with the country segmented into nine different regions.

Overall, Disney’s 1994 The Lion King was a clear winner for the favorite kids movie across the country, winning the top spot in four of the nine regions. “Your average Lion King fan is probably located in a big chunk of land comprising the East North Central, East South Central, and South Atlantic regions,” points out. “That includes everything from Wisconsin to Florida and Mississippi to Virginia.”

The kids’ movie in second place, winning the top spot in two regions, is 1995’s Toy Story. This Pixar hit was a massive favorite in the middle of the country — both in West North Central and West South-Central regions. Data for both these regions found that The Lion King was the second favorite movie.

Rounding out the top three was 1939’s The Wizard of Oza big hit in the Middle Atlantic in first place, while The Lion King was this region’s second favorite movie. did note some outlier movies on the list when they investigated each region’s top three films. ACCording to the site, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, Home Alone, and The Sandlot appear for the first teame. Other outlier movies in the collected data include Shrek, Cinderellaand Frozen.

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