10 Silent Night Terrifying Movies To Watch For The Season Of Christmas

The word “Silent Night” in German is “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht and it is a famous Christmas carol that was composed by Mr. Franz Xaver Gruber into the lyrics by Mr. Joseph Mohr in year 1818 in the little township in Austria in Oberndorf bei Salzburg. It has been declared as an elusive cultural heritage by the UNESCO in the year 2011.

This song was recorded by so many singers from across the many music genres. A version sung by Mr. Bing Crosby in the year 1935 is considered as the 4th best-selling solo album of all-time.

The “Stille Nacht” was initially performed on the Eve of Christmas 1818 at Saint Nicholas Parish in Oberndorf, the village in the Empire of Austria on the river of Salzach in the present-day Austria. The young priest, Fr. Joseph Mohr, came to Oberndorf a year before.

Here are the 10 Silent Night Movies that you can watch this coming season:

1). Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival, 2015


Right after the death in a family, siblings James and Angelica Zacherly travelled to a small town of the East Willard during Christmas Eve to give respect. They dwelled at the homely bed & breakfast where they discovered about Black Peter legend, the vengeful brother of Santa Claus. But when they discovered the lost diary of Jeffrey Butler, and they discovered that the city has its personal sordid history – a more rooted in truth.

2). Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming, 2013

An abandoned house of Wilfred Butler, the wealthy but troubled guy who committed suicide, was willed to Jeffrey, his grandson. But the ax wielding maniac had set up residences in a house – and he has not been kind to visitors.

3). Silent Night I, 2012

A policeman from a remote Midwestern city searched for the killer Santa Claus who’s picking off people on the Eve of Christmas.

4).Silent Night, Zombie Night, 2009

One week before Christmas time, the viral outbreak turned the people of L.A. into a walking dead. With the main characters named Fingers and the Little Daddy, Santa Zombie, and Raccoon, who will resist this horrific festive gift.

5). Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker, 1991

The boy is aware about what the shopkeeper has in store; however, he was just too frightened to yell about it.

6). Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4, 1990

Maud Adams, the leader of the she-demon cult had her helper fetch the newswoman for an initiation, involving the insects.

7). Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! 1989

The scientist linked the psychic blind girl to the murderer Ricky’s brain, mounted over his head.

8). Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, 1987

The adult Ricky now talks to the psychiatrist about how did he became the killer after Billy, his brother, died, which then leads back to the Mother Superior.

9). Silent Night, Deadly Night, 1984

The little Billy witnessed his parents being murdered by Santa Claus after being warned through his senile grandpa about Santa punishing those who are being naughty. Now Billy’s already 18, and had been out of an orphanage, and he had just become the Santa, himself.

10). Silent Night, Bloody Night, 1972

An axe murderer stalked the lawyer and his girlfriend at the house that happened to an asylum before.

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