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This is an animated fantasy-drama TV film based on the 1972 Ray Bradbury’s fantasy novel of similar name. The movie told the tale of the crowd of those trick-or-treating kids who learnt about the influences and origins of Halloween when a friend of them was spirited away through the oddly forces.

Cast Lists

Ray Bradbury performed as The Narrator Annie Barker performed as The Witch Jenny

Lindsay Crouse performed as Additional Voices Darleen Carr performed as Additional Voices

Edan Gross performed as The Skeleton Tom Alex Greenwald performed as The Mummy Ralph

Andrew Keegan performed as Monster Wally Mark L. Taylor performed as Additional Voices

Kevin Michaels performed as The Ghost Joe “Pip” Pipkin

Leonard Nimoy performed to be Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud



The narrator described the little American town’s preparation for the coming Halloween night. Four of their friends are shown in their respective houses donning costumes excitedly: Ralph as the mummy; Jenny as the witch; Tom Skelton as the skeleton and Wally as the monster. They planned on meeting up Joe Pipkin, their best friend, but he does not come. They go to the house of Pip and saw him being loaded into an ambulance together with his parents who were riding with him. He wrote them a note that explained that he is on his way to the hospice for an unexpected appendectomy and that the group must celebrate without his presence. They felt that they can’t start the Halloween without him, and so they followed the ambulance to have a visit by him to the hospital.

Tom suggested taking the shortcut by the spooky woods: that eerie and dark ravine. They saw what appears like the translucent Pip sprinting along a ravine trail, and then Tom leads them on, being convinced that Pip had styled the elaborate hoax to them. The team races after Pip, whom disappeared near a darkened towering mansion. A man known as Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud greeted them inside. Moundshroud expressed his disappointment that nobody from the kids know what the costumes symbolized. He revealed that he was after that ghost of Pip. The Pip seeks and stole the pumpkin with his own face carved in it from the Halloween Tree by Moundshroud’s of the jack-o’-lanterns. Then Tom begs Moundshroud of allowing them to come with him, then help take back Pip.

The Moundshroud primarily refused, but relents: when they can sustain with him just before dawn, and so they might be capable of retrieving the pumpkin, then get Pip back, whereas also going on the scavenger hunt of some sorts to discover about the origins of Halloween and the importance of their costumes. They start their pursuit of Pip, wandering back in time through ripping down some old circus posters of the nearby barn and then crafting the giant October Kite, together with the kids hanging on as the weighted tail. Initially, they travelled to the Ancient Egypt to discover about a celebration called as ‘the Feast of Ghosts’. Following the spirit of Pip to a tomb within a pyramid, they discovered about the importance of mummification. Ralph locates the weak-spirited Pip then begs him to return.

Writer’s Notion

This is considered as one of the great movies to watch in 1993 and it is still recommended to anyone of whatever age you are in now who likes Halloween. The movie is an awesome tale of mystery, friendship, and discovery. Ray Bradbury wrote the masterpiece and this was made into a fantastic film. It does not go, what some called as the “Halloween plot” about kids going trick or treat the whole night. It is not the same, but prodigious. The kids save their friend when learning the past of Halloween. The final part is one of their best parts. The movie is recommended seriously to watch on the season of Halloween.

The film was created from the superior book. Those that are enjoying the Halloween holiday usually not have that much of the idea about its roots, and Ray Bradbury turned his sympathetic eye towards the different Halloween traditions. The movie is an animated film suggesting rather strongly that this was aimed squarely at a younger set-up, but the medium cartoon permits the certain chaotic underpinning which facilitates transitions in space and time. This is one good movie of the Halloween season.

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