The Halloween Tree, 1993 | Horror Movies Reviews

This is an animated fantasy-drama TV film based on the 1972 Ray Bradbury’s fantasy novel of similar name. The movie told the tale of the crowd of those trick-or-treating kids who learnt about the influences and origins of Halloween when a friend of them was spirited away through the oddly forces.

Cast Lists

Ray Bradbury performed as The Narrator Annie Barker performed as The Witch Jenny

Lindsay Crouse performed as Additional Voices Darleen Carr performed as Additional Voices

Edan Gross performed as The Skeleton Tom Alex Greenwald performed as The Mummy Ralph

Andrew Keegan performed as Monster Wally Mark L. Taylor performed as Additional Voices

Kevin Michaels performed as The Ghost Joe “Pip” Pipkin

Leonard Nimoy performed to be Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud



The narrator described the little American town’s preparation for the coming Halloween night. Four of their friends are shown in their respective houses donning costumes excitedly: Ralph

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Jack Attack, 2013 | Horror Movies Reviews

This is an American short horror film for the Halloween season about the babysitter (Helen Rogers), Tyler Rossell as her charge Jack and the parasitic pumpkins.

The movie is directed and written by Bryan Norton with Antonio Padovan, who had been responsible also for this movie, respectively, for the mechanical effects, set design, and the special make-up. The short movie was chosen by more than one hundred festivals globally and won even over thirty awards. It was also chosen for the two anthology films of the US.

Cast Lists

Tyler Rossell performed as Jack Helen Rogers performed as Elizabeth, the babysitter

Steven Anderson Jr. performed as Elliott Brazen (dog) performed as Oscar



On Halloween evening at the West Village townhouse, the babysitter, Elizabeth carved the Jack O’Lantern from the pumpkin with the assistance of Jack, the little boy that she was babysitting, his terrier Oscar was watching and barking

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Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, 2001

This is a Disney Channel Original film released for the season of Halloweens. It is the following installment in a series of the Halloweentown.

Cast Lists


Kimberly J. Brown performed as Marnie Piper, the 15-years old witch that went on a trip to undo the gray spell of Halloweentown.

Phillip Van Dyke performed as the goblin, Luke. He helped Marnie on her trip.

Judith Hoag performed as Gwen Piper, mother of Marnie, Sophie, and Dylan.

Daniel Kountz performed as Kal, Kalabar’s son.

Jessica Lucas performed as Cindy, friend of Marnie that dresses as the vampire for Halloween.

Blu Mankuma performed as Gort, a garbage collector.

Debbie Reynolds performed as Agatha Cromwell, “Aggie”, the witch mother of Gwen and the grandmother of Sophie, Marnie, and Dylan.

Xantha Radley performed as Astrid, the elf.

Emily Roeske performed as Sophie Piper, Marnie and Dylan’s 9-year-old sibling/sister.

Richard Side performed as Benny, a skeleton

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Sleepy Hollow, 1999 | Horror Movies Reviews

The film is a gothic supernatural horror movie under the direction of Tim Burton. This is a movie adaptation loosely based from the Washington Irving’s short story from 1820. The movie plot followed the police constable who was sent from NYC to investigate the series of killings in the town of the Sleepy Hollow by the mysterious Headless Horseman.

Cast Lists

Johnny Depp performed as Ichabod Crane: He was a quirky, yet kind constable infatuated with an integrating modern science to police procedures, but is really squeamish with the bugs and blood sight.

Casper Van Dien performed to be Brom Van Brunt: The arrogant and strong aristocratic man who’s romantically in-love with Katrina.

Ian McDiarmid performed to be Dr. Thomas Lancaster: A surgeon and a town doctor.

Michael Feast performed as Spotty Man

Jamie Foreman performed as Thuggish Constable

Michael Gambon performed to be Baltus Van Tassel: father or Katrina.

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Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, 1998

This is an American slasher movie of director Steve Miner. This is the 7th installment of the Halloween franchise. The H20 is the recon and the reboot of this franchise, acting as the straight sequel to the next movie. It follows the post-traumatic Laurie, who had faked her passing just in order to hide from her murderous sibling, Michael Myers, who locates her working in the private boarding university in California.

Cast Lists

Jamie Lee Curtis performed as Laurie Strode Chris Durand performed as Michael Myers

Josh Hartnett performed as John Tate LL Cool J performed as Ronald Jones / Ronny

Janet Leigh performed as Norma Watson Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed as Jimmy Howell

Larisa Miller performed as Claudia Jodi Lyn O’Keefe performed as Sarah Wainthrope

Emmalee Thompson performed as Casey Michelle Williams performed as Molly Cartwell

Branden Williams performed as Tony Alegre Matt Winston performed as Matt Sampson


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12 Great Websites For Movie Buffs

Movie TheaterThe signal in the middle of the above photo advertises the Phahol Theater. Take note of the skyscrapers that flank both sides of Phaholyothin Road within the background of this photograph. Sooner or later the northward spread of redevelopment will result in the demolition of most buildings within the getting old Saphan Kwai neighborhood pictured within the foreground. The Phahol Theater will seemingly be included.

This is an enchanting and interesting hub. The avenue theatre in your country is gorgeous and distinctive. I even have seen road theater carried out in Paris and Madrid. It is beautiful there additionally. Here within the U.S. I have to go to NY city or LA or Chicago to see road theatre performed. It usually solely happens in the large cities in the U.S. Small towns and cities like I reside in often haven’t got road theatre until an touring theatrical group would come. …

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