For the fans of HBO’s flagship series, Game of Thrones, the death of Eddard Stark aka Ned Stark is certainly one of the highlights of the series. Fans know it well, it is not good to attach to the characters of Afdah tv show Game of Thrones, because they may die at any time. It’s cruel, but that’s partly why we like the show.

The deaths have been chained since the beginning of the show, but the tragic death of Ned Stark remains in the minds.

Seven years after season 1 in which we saw the decapitation of the head of the Stark house, Sean Bean, the actor who played, Ned Stark finally reveals the last words spoken by his character before dying.

It was during an interview given by the actor at The Huffington Post to discuss his new series The Oath that he revealed that before being beheaded, Ned Stark said a prayer.

The end of long years of speculation

At the end of Popcorn Flix Game of Thrones season 1, viewers made many assumptions about the last words that Ned Stark could have uttered before his death. Some thought it was “Valar Morghulis”, others “I kept my promise” in reference to Jon Snow.

Some, however, believed that Ned Stark had dedicated his last words to Bran who had become the three-eyed crow. So many assumptions that cannot be further from the truth now that we know it was actually a prayer.

In the skin of the character

So, Sean Bean said he was trying to put himself in Ned Stark’s shoes while shooting this scene. “It was just a prayer. I could not go into too much detail because I’m not sure that religion could have been this way at that time, whatever it was. “I wondered how a person could react in this situation. And I thought she’d pray. That she would mutter words of comfort. It was a very interesting scene to play for me. “