Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later, 1998

This is an American slasher movie of director Steve Miner. This is the 7th installment of the Halloween franchise. The H20 is the recon and the reboot of this franchise, acting as the straight sequel to the next movie. It follows the post-traumatic Laurie, who had faked her passing just in order to hide from her murderous sibling, Michael Myers, who locates her working in the private boarding university in California.

Cast Lists

Jamie Lee Curtis performed as Laurie Strode Chris Durand performed as Michael Myers

Josh Hartnett performed as John Tate LL Cool J performed as Ronald Jones / Ronny

Janet Leigh performed as Norma Watson Joseph Gordon-Levitt performed as Jimmy Howell

Larisa Miller performed as Claudia Jodi Lyn O’Keefe performed as Sarah Wainthrope

Emmalee Thompson performed as Casey Michelle Williams performed as Molly Cartwell

Branden Williams performed as Tony Alegre Matt Winston performed as Matt Sampson

Adam Arkin performed as Will Brennan Adam Hann-Byrd performed as Charlie Deveraux

Beau Billingslea performed as Detective Fitzsimmons

Lisa Gay Hamilton performed as Shirley Jones (in voice) / Shirl

Nancy Stephens performed to be Marion Chambers-Whittington



On 1998 of October 29, Michael Myers robbed the retirement house of Dr. Sam Loomis in Langdon, Illinois. Dr. Loomis’ former co-worker, Marion Chambers, who look after Dr. Loomis until his passing, arrives and discovered that a file over Laurie Strode was missing. Myers murdered her, her teen neighbor Jimmy with his friend Tony just before they left the house by Jimmy’s auto with Laurie’s file.

At the Summer Glen, California, where Laurie lives under the assumed name, “Keri”, she was the headmistress at the Hillcrest Academy, one private boarding learning center. Her career was supported by Norma Watson, her secretary and Will Brennan, their Hillcrest guidance counselor, whom she had a relationship with. But, Laurie is not really happy, as a tragic event from 1978 was still haunting her; she dwells in fear that Myers may return to her. While the lady and her daughter were at the rest stop, Myers stole their car. In a school campus, the learners leave to attend the school trip in Yosemite, leaving just Laurie; Will; Ronny Jones; John; Molly Cartwell; and Charlie Deveraux with Sarah Wainthrope, whom are all enjoying in a Halloween party in the basement of the school.

Laurie took some maternal advices coming from Norma just before leaving for work during the weekend and then that evening revealed her real identity to Will when Michael arrived at the school. He rapidly killed Sarah and Charlie before attacking Molly and John, who were rescued by Will and Laurie, and Laurie and Michael, came face to face after 20 years. Will then accidentally shoot Ronny when he is mistaken the shadow of Ronny’s as Myers shadow, and Michael killed Will while Laurie and Will and were examining Ronny’s body.

Writer’s Notion

“Halloween H20” has been considered as the most accomplished continuation of this “Halloween” series, and the movie that would deserve the “10” for its intelligence, potency, and conviction. If it were not for some of the non-Laurie sceneries earlier in the movie that fell less than what some other films have achieved at that time.

You will not be able to talk about this movie, “Halloween H20” without really discussing the effect in the “Scream” trilogy that had been at this time in the horror cinema. Their post-modern references, heightened feminist protagonists, thrilling and present style, and the sexy stars made the 3 “Scream” films really successful are being borrowed by the “Halloween H20” movie and are being used to the triumph of the film. The best single aspect of this movie, “Halloween H20” is the character development of Laurie Strode. Though it is a bit more of heavy-handed than the Sidney in “Scream,” it is aided by the phenomenal of Jamie Lee Curtis and it is effective, thorough, with unforgettable portrayal. The final twenty minutes are the first-rate of this horror movie.

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