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The film is a gothic supernatural horror movie under the direction of Tim Burton. This is a movie adaptation loosely based from the Washington Irving’s short story from 1820. The movie plot followed the police constable who was sent from NYC to investigate the series of killings in the town of the Sleepy Hollow by the mysterious Headless Horseman.

Cast Lists

Johnny Depp performed as Ichabod Crane: He was a quirky, yet kind constable infatuated with an integrating modern science to police procedures, but is really squeamish with the bugs and blood sight.

Casper Van Dien performed to be Brom Van Brunt: The arrogant and strong aristocratic man who’s romantically in-love with Katrina.

Ian McDiarmid performed to be Dr. Thomas Lancaster: A surgeon and a town doctor.

Michael Feast performed as Spotty Man

Jamie Foreman performed as Thuggish Constable

Michael Gambon performed to be Baltus Van Tassel: father or Katrina.

Richard Griffiths performed to be Magistrate Samuel Philipse: A drunken town magistrate.

Michael Gough performed as the Notary James Hardenbrook: A coward, wizened town banker.

Peter Guinness performed as Lord Crane: Ichabod’s devoutly holy biological father who killed his wife after torturing while practicing witchcraft.

Jeffrey Jones performed as Reverend Steenwyck: A corrupt, austere town pastor.

Martin Landau performed to be Peter Van Garrett: the chief citizen of Sleepy Hollows until his death.

Christopher Lee performed as the Burgomaster

Tony Maudsley performed as Van Ripper

Lisa Marie performed as Lady Crane: Ichabod’s mother who had practiced benign witchcraft, to which she was murdered by her faithful religious husband.

Jessica Oyelowo performed as Sarah

Ray Park performed as a Headless Horseman

Marc Pickering performed as Young Masbath: The orphan who looks to Ichabod as the father figure after the father was slain by a Horseman.

Miranda Richardson performed to be Lady Mary Van Tassel: she is the aloof spouse of Baltus and the step-mother of Katrina, the one revealed to be the vengeful witch.

Christina Ricci performed to be Katrina Van Tassel: the love interest of Ichabod and an only heir of one of the richest farmers in the town.

Mark Spalding performed as Jonathan Masbath

Claire Skinner performed as Beth Killian: Town’s midwife.

Sean Stephens performed as Thomas Killian

Christopher Walken performed as the Hessian

Steven Waddington performed as Mr. Killian

Alun Armstrong performed as the High Constable

Philip Martin Brown performed as a Constable



In the year 1799, Ichabod Crane, the New York City policeman constable was criticized for his preference of scientific methods, was dispatched to upstate Dutch hamlet in the Sleepy Hollow, which had been plagued by the sequence of brutal decapitations: the wealthy father & son, Peter & Dirk Van Garrett, with the widow, Emily. Taken by their insular city elders—wealthy business guy Baltus and the town doctor Thomas, the Rev. Steenwyck, the notary James Hardenbrook, with the magistrate Samuel Philipse—then Ichabod discovers that the locals believe that the slayer is the alive apparition of the headless Hessian mercenary who came from the US Revolutionary War who rode on the black steed while looking for his missing head.

But, Ichabod was skeptical about the paranormal because of the past of his family, which involved his free-spirited and kind mother’s murder in the hands of his devoted father. Boarding in the house of Baltus and his second spouse, Lady Van Tassel, he’s taken by Katrina, Baltus’ spiritual daughter, from his prior marriage. When the fourth victim, Jonathan, the servant in Van Garrett household, was killed, Ichabod took some of the victims, Young Masbath, in his wing. Masbath and Ichabod exhume the victims over the tip from Philipse, discovering that a widow died pregnant.

Then the horseman decapitates Philipse and then next Ichabod, the Young Masbath, and lastly Katrina venture to the Western Woods, wherein the Horseman was believed to have been killed by his own sword, when looking for the grave of the Horseman. They find the crone witch’s dwelling in the cave, who revealed that the grave of the Horseman is at “Tree of Dead”, where the heads of every Horseman’s victim were kept. Ichabod digs down the Horseman’s grave; then discovered the skull was taken, assuming that this was taken by somebody who is now controlling him. The tree was his portal in the living world, then, the Horseman will keep on taking the heads of many individual until his skull will be returned to him.

Writer’s Notion

This is an enjoyable version of the previous one. The movie all leads to the unexpected twist and breach ending on what was happening before. This has been an effective and an agreeable movie that still had the shock value from the grisly killings.

It’s kept on with the Burton style and has colorful pictures and wonderful imaginings with Burtonized narrative. This movie has plenty of thrills, grisly terror, suspense, and sensationalistic set piece horror when a decapitation took place. There is a wide utilization of gore and the famous decapitation now, for those that love this kind of thing. Casting frankly is extraordinary with some popular actors and exceptional supporting cast and the special cameos. It has the Glimmer cinematography and sensational music score and both are Burton’s, the usual. The movie is lavishly produced and the motion picture had been marvelously directed with the visual style and the fair-play of the best Tim Burton. The rating here is magnificent flick that is better than the average one.

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