Movie About Engaging in Love Game

When love is well-designed and falling out of love is the goal of struggle, will the male and female protagonists get their wishes, or will they break?


In the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Andie, who had a great deal of ambition, was forced to become a columnist for “Love Guide” because of his friend’s lost love: falling in love with a man, deliberately committing various mistakes in love, recording and summarizing the moments of getting along.

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To win the company’s diamond business, Benjamin, the indignant king of performance, bet with his colleagues and boss that he would bring the girl who loved him to a banquet ten days later.


The two people with different purposes became a couple who “fell in love at first sight.” Diamond cut diamond, who would win the prize?


Ten-day relationship, Andie constantly turned on the cunning “coquetry” mode. She deliberately left the ticket in her wallet, asked Benjamin to invite her to watch the ball game together, and let her “boyfriend´╝î” who was addicted to the ball game, leave to buy drinks halfway through the game site. When Benjamin showed at home that “a man who can cook is the best-looking,” she pretended to cry that she didn’t eat meat and shouted to the boss in a vegetarian restaurant that her “boyfriend” disliked her fat.


She gave Benjamin all kinds of sweet and greasy nicknames and also gave him a pot of “love seedlings ” and a “dog son” who loved to pee; She secretly called Benjamin’s mother and also synthesized photos of the future life of the two and a pair of children with hideous faces;

She copied the keys to Benjamin’s house without permission and messed with the “Boyfriend’s” “Boys’ Night” held by her house.


Benjamin endured it to make the “brute girlfriend” love him deeply. Even if he missed the fantastic ball game, even if he was punched by the Big Fat in the theater, even if Benjamin was ridiculed by his colleagues, he only dared to hook his hands and hit in the air behind Andie’s back. After calming down, he continued to play the role of a gentle and stoic “good boyfriend.”


The story’s ending is a comedy because Andie and Benjamin naturally released their excellent qualities, even in a mutual calculation. They avoid being a third party when choosing their “partner” initially; they didn’t hesitate to show the brightest smile. Their excellent verbal contest burst out a strong magnetic field. The lover is arrogant; how does he deal with it?


The main topic of the movie is how to lose a guy in 10 days. But actually, it is more about how to love a guy than how to lose a guy. Falling in love is like a gamble, win or not; rely on 90% luck and 10% patience. Luck is the appearance of the male and female protagonists who pick one out of a hundred, and the excellent character of picking one in a thousand miles – endure what ordinary people can’t last.


Love is a game; winning is the only way to reap the benefits. The ending is not essential; the important thing is the process of how the spark of love burns. Undoubtedly this is a video tutorial, and it is of preciseness because some people understand that love begins with understanding. So it is not easy to know that they have become the watchmen of love. I hope everyone will love boldly, not be afraid of love, and harvest the sweet love in life.