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Movie TimesMost Americans have never heard the title Robin Johnson. But in the fall of 1980, she was on the verge of superstardom. And if issues had gone to plan, her name would have been as familiar as Barbra Streisand. She would have been the star of hit films with perhaps a number of Oscars to go along with them. And she would have had platinum selling document albums with a string of high ten hits. At the least she ought to have been a preferred character actress like Kristin Chenoweth with maybe a few top 40 hits. But as a substitute she is barely even a footnote, who’s most outstanding function was as a prostitute in a single episode of Miami Vice.

The Haven is now legend. It was the theater every kid in Queens and most of Brooklyn knew of for one cause alone; they might let any child of any age into an R film without an adult. Even though it took practically an hour for me and my associates to walk to Woodhaven, we would go to The Haven on a regular basis. It is where I got to see numerous films my dad and mom forbade me to see, like The Shining ( 1980 ), Porky’s ( 1981 ), Apocalypse Now ( 1979 ) and a complete bunch of violent splatter films. But there was one downside. The Haven was the very last theater in New York City to get a brand new film before it ended it’s theatrical run. Which is why the owners didn’t give a f&okay about permitting minors into the theater. But it did mean that if a movie tanked and was pulled from distribution before it is run was over, then the Haven did not get it.

I arrive at each screen time about 15 minutes (whereas the PreShow is playing), and observe the viewers response to the Rolling Stock Ads-Commercials. Rolling stock adverts are the Coca Cola adverts, and different promotional gadgets which are shown earlier than the Trailers. Corporate organizations spend cash on these advertisements, so do not get too tired of these ads. One of my mates Josh composes the lyrics for the Shaquille and Friends” ad. He’s also from Hawaii, and attends film screenings, to see his work on the Big Screen.

It is at this point that Robin disappeared once more for an additional three years. A thriller, however with a attainable solution. This coming from somebody who works for Universal, the company presently holding the rights to Code Name: Foxfire, who I contacted in a chat room. I was asking about varied Universal owned properties, and if they’d be released on home video quickly. We got round to discussing Foxfire when he insisted that Robin Johnson was underneath contact to Universal on the time. Something called a Talent Holding deal. If this had been true, then she would have been signed to an equivalent deal as the one with RSO. For the next three years she may solely appear in Universal projects. The distinction is that she would have been under salary even when Universal did not put her to work. They were principally paying her not to work for anybody else, so she could be free to star in any project they offered her.

Knowing it had bombed dangerous enough to be pulled from distribution mid run, I had low expectations. And although I could be seeing it uncut and with very few interruptions, it will be full framed on my small black and white television screen. Not the optimal viewing expertise. And yet, something magic happened that night. I found myself loving the movie. When it ended, I was so enthralled and delighted that I wished to see it once more. I spent many of the remainder of the week fascinated with that film. Critics all appeared to agree that it was a disjointed mess. But that is not what I saw. I was among the many minority who enjoyed it.