Review on How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days  (2003) is a romantic comedy film directed by Donald Petrie. Starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, the movie is based on the picture book of the same name by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long. While the book features a list of comedic dating “don’ts” without a narrative, the film’s creators developed unique characters and a plot to bring the story to life on the big screen. 

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There are actors following: Kate Hudson?as Andie Anderson, Matthew McConaughey?as Benjamin Barry, Kathryn Hahn?as Michelle, Annie Parisse?as Jeannie, Adam Goldberg?as Tony, Thomas Lennon?as Thayer. Released on February 7, 2003, the film had an impressive opening weekend, raking in $23,774,850. Over its theatrical run, it accumulated a total domestic gross of $105,813,373 and an international gross of $71,558,068, making it a successful box office hit in the United States and worldwide.

Andie Anderson, a writer for the women’s magazine Composure, yearns to tackle more serious topics instead of writing superficial “How to” articles. When her friend Michelle goes through another breakup and blames her lack of attractiveness, Andie argues that it’s actually her needy and emotionally intense behavior with men that drives them away. Inspired to prove her point, Andie decides to write an article titled “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” by dating a man and replicating Michelle’s behavior to make him break up with her within the specified timeframe.

Meanwhile, advertising executive Benjamin Barry seeks to venture beyond his usual beer and sports campaigns by leading an important advertising campaign for a diamond company. His boss, Phillip, questions his understanding of romance associated with diamonds. To prove himself, Ben bets that he can make any woman fall in love with him within 10 days. If he succeeds before an upcoming company ball, he’ll be given the opportunity to lead the diamond campaign. Ben’s competitors, Judy Spears and Judy Green, learn of Andie’s assignment during a visit to Composure magazine and select her as the woman Ben must romance.

Ben and Andie cross paths, unaware of each other’s hidden motives. Andie works diligently to make Ben fall for her and then break up, while Ben remains determined to make Andie genuinely fall in love with him. Andie employs various tactics such as causing Ben to miss a crucial moment at a Knicks game, creating disruptions at a movie theater, moving her belongings into his apartment, gifting him a symbolic plant and a dog, and even taking him to a Celine Dion concert instead of a basketball game. However, amidst her efforts, Andie reveals glimpses of her true self, causing Ben to develop genuine feelings for her.

Growing frustrated with the project, Andie disrupts Ben’s poker night with his friends, hoping to push him to end the relationship. Instead, Tony and Thayer, Ben’s friends, suggest couples counseling to salvage the situation. Andie enlists Michelle to pose as their therapist, leading to discussions about Ben’s supposed embarrassment about their relationship. Ben counters by proposing a weekend visit to his family in Staten Island. During their time with Ben’s family, an authentic connection forms between Andie and Ben.

At the company ball, Phillip speaks with Andie, assuring Ben of her love and declaring him the winner. However, Judy and Judy inform Tony and Thayer that Andie was aware of the bet all along and played along to help Ben win. Unbeknownst to them, their revelation makes Andie aware of the bet. Simultaneously, Lana, Andie’s boss, unaware of Ben’s involvement, reveals the details of Andie’s “How to” article to him. Learning about Ben’s bet, Andie decides to publicly humiliate him at the party, leading to a heated argument and their subsequent breakup.

Tony shows Ben Andie’s published article, where she confesses to losing the only guy she ever truly fell for. Realizing her resignation from Composure due to Lana’s refusal to let her explore serious topics and her imminent departure for a Washington, D.C. interview, Ben chases after Andie’s taxi and stops her. He confronts her for running away, and they both confess their genuine feelings. Ben instructs the taxi driver to return Andie’s belongings to her place, stating that he will accompany her. They share a passionate kiss, rekindling their connection.

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