Top Korean Comedy Movies

Top Korean Comedy Movies

Comedy MoviesThrough the years, Rom-Com Korean dramas by no means did not make us laugh, cry, and feel so in love. The mixture feeling of romance and comedy is just excellent to convey out numerous laughs and butterflies in our stomachs. If you are a giant fan of watching Rom-Com dramas, see for your self in case you’re aware of these dramas.

This movie is an all out motion film that’s grounded in the (fictional) West Country village of Sandford. A village the place crime is virtually non-existent, even with the easy (cake-eating) police drive, however there does seem to be loads of tragic and obscure ‘accidents’ although this doesn’t seem to concern the residents too much. Until Pegg’s character, Sgt. Angel, having been ‘promoted’ from the London Met to affix the ranks of the Sandford police force, turns into suspicious of the darkish beneath-currents of this quite village and it is eccentric residents.

Setting cerita movie-movie komedi romantis lazimnya menggunakan kota-kota besar. Musik dan lagu menjadi salah satu kunci pendukung utama dalam membentuk temper filmnya. Musik dan lagu ringan berirama dan berlirik romantis biasanya mengiringi sepanjang filmnya sesuai konteks cerita. Dalam perkembangan sejak era silam hingga saat ini style komedi romantis sudah ribuan movie diproduksi dan dengan mudah kita jumpai berbagai macam variasinya. Banyak akrtis maupun aktor serta sutradara masa kini yang menjadi ikon movie-movie bergenre komedi romantis, seperti Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, dan sutradara seperti Woody Allen dan Garry Marshall.

I like comedies. Sometimes once I have bad day I like watch romance, however usualy I watch quick film like Friends. I love this collection. In my opinion it’s the greatest series in history film. If you have solely watched recent remakes of the Pink Panther films then I’d should say that they’re nothing like the originals – however a grave injustice to comedy followers everywhere! Peter Sellers makes this film (and others in the Pink Panther collection) really an ideal joy to watch. What do you consider my greatest comedy motion pictures list? Don’t forget you can vote on them within the poll above. And additionally add your finest comedy movies of 2010 – 2011 and of all time.

Satu film yang menjadi pelopor mendongkrak popularitas movie komedi romantis adalah Pretty Woman (1990) arahan Garry Marshall. Film yang dibintangi oleh Richard Gere dan Julia Roberts ini merupakan movie komedi romantis terlaris sepanjang masa dengan raihan pendapatan kotor hingga $463 juta di seluruh dunia. Formula klasik cerita tentang pangeran” dan gadis miskin ini menjadi tren kembali. Roberts berhasil meraih nominasi aktris terbaik Oscar dan film ini juga sukses dinominasikan untuk empat kategori Golden Globe. Film ini pulalah yang kemudian melambungkan nama aktris Julia Robert sebagai seorang superstar di industri movie Hollywood.

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