Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, 2001

This is a Disney Channel Original film released for the season of Halloweens. It is the following installment in a series of the Halloweentown.

Cast Lists


Kimberly J. Brown performed as Marnie Piper, the 15-years old witch that went on a trip to undo the gray spell of Halloweentown.

Phillip Van Dyke performed as the goblin, Luke. He helped Marnie on her trip.

Judith Hoag performed as Gwen Piper, mother of Marnie, Sophie, and Dylan.

Daniel Kountz performed as Kal, Kalabar’s son.

Jessica Lucas performed as Cindy, friend of Marnie that dresses as the vampire for Halloween.

Blu Mankuma performed as Gort, a garbage collector.

Debbie Reynolds performed as Agatha Cromwell, “Aggie”, the witch mother of Gwen and the grandmother of Sophie, Marnie, and Dylan.

Xantha Radley performed as Astrid, the elf.

Emily Roeske performed as Sophie Piper, Marnie and Dylan’s 9-year-old sibling/sister.

Richard Side performed as Benny, a skeleton taxi driver that was formerly voiced by R. Romano in the initial film.

Peter Wingfield performed as Alex, the golem that Kal created from frogs.

Joey Zimmerman performed as Dylan Piper, Marnie and Sophie’s 14-year-old sibling/brother.


Marnie has just used up 2 years with Aggie, her grandmother. While hosting the mortal neighborhood Halloween gathering at their home, Marnie tried to impress Kal, the cute new boy, by showing him the magically-hidden room of Aggie with the spellbook in it. Shortly after, Aggie noticed unwelcome magical signs. Aggie and Marnie travelled to Halloweentown to fix and investigate an issue before the portal in between the mortal world and the Halloweentown, that closes at midnight and open only during Halloween.

They discovered that the entire city had been turned to black-and-white humanity, and that the people had been turned into monotonous, dreary, discolored humans. The victim included Luke, Marnie’s goblin friend. Aggie diagnosed this as a “Grey Spell”. Aggie contacted Dylan, her grandson, back home for the spell from the spell book. Sophie and Dylan discovered that the book was missing. Aggie and Marnie discovered that Kal is really the warlock and also Kalabar’s son, their enemy. They discovered that Aggie’s spell book was stolen by Kal to limit the ability to hinder the attempts so his father Kalabar can complete his revenge both on the mortal humanity and on Halloweentown. Aggie looked for the spare copy of the spell book at their house in Halloweentown, however, it is also missing and she lost hope.

During the discussion with Aggie, Marnie reverted by accident, Luke back to the goblin form. Incapable of explaining the reversal of the spell, the team believes that it’s temporary. The trio travelled to the famous junk-magnet lair of the universe, and Gort, who acquires the lost items from the mutual realms. He had discolored by that Grey Spell and then sold most of the junk. The group was trapped in the house of Gort. Aggie lost her tone and also sorted by the missing pair of socks with Gort. Then, Marnie used time travel in returning to the house to Gort house before that Grey Spell takes place. When Luke and Marnie came, they discovered that Gort also had sold the extra spell book copy to Kalabar about fifty years prior.

Writer’s Notion

This movie was really good. It was interesting, funny, mysterious, and cool, and though it was not as great as the first one, but it was good! Disney should maintain this kind of going to great movies like this. You will like everything because of its originality they place in the plot and the characters. The characters were cute and the acting was excellent. The writing was also great and it still has every thrill of the original movie. You will enjoy the casts performances and appearances.

The movie had more actions than the primary one. The only thing that you will not probably like in the movie is Halloweentown. The gray spell is really dumb, but other than that, the movie is good! Another cool this is how the turning of Mrs. Cromwell into the green goblin through the spell of Kalabar. But still the first ever Halloweentown movie is also good. One fun thing about the movie is when the girl became Dracula. Halloweentown II is awesome! The movie is recommended to watch because you will certainly like the movie and may become one of your favorites.

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