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This is an American short horror film for the Halloween season about the babysitter (Helen Rogers), Tyler Rossell as her charge Jack and the parasitic pumpkins.

The movie is directed and written by Bryan Norton with Antonio Padovan, who had been responsible also for this movie, respectively, for the mechanical effects, set design, and the special make-up. The short movie was chosen by more than one hundred festivals globally and won even over thirty awards. It was also chosen for the two anthology films of the US.

Cast Lists

Tyler Rossell performed as Jack Helen Rogers performed as Elizabeth, the babysitter

Steven Anderson Jr. performed as Elliott Brazen (dog) performed as Oscar



On Halloween evening at the West Village townhouse, the babysitter, Elizabeth carved the Jack O’Lantern from the pumpkin with the assistance of Jack, the little boy that she was babysitting, his terrier Oscar was watching and barking excitedly. She was annoyed because Elliot, her boyfriend was running late. Her job is done and she placed the seeds on the tray and then cooks them through an oven. Afterwards, the three of them ate a few seeds, then, Jack starts to choke. Elizabeth tried to perform her Heimlich maneuver, but it failed and the boy passed-out. Not being aware what else need to do, and so she took the knife and attempted on performing the tracheotomy so that he may be able to breathe. Blood spurts during the time that she cuts a small hole in the boy’s neck, and she noticed something that she thought, maybe it is the seed. She tried to dig this out through the use of a knife; but turns out as a long vine. The abdomen of Jack swells underneath the shirt and it exploded. Horrified, Elizabeth noticed that her own belly is also starting to swell. By using that same knife, she also cuts across her belly in a Caesarean section manner, and the pumpkins and the thick vines exploded from her body, then, her head slouches down. Oscar whines. From outside, Elliott then finally arrived and comes in the townhouse. Elliot was heard calling for Elizabeth from the outside and the vines are seen sneaking quickly within across to the windows.

Writer’s Notion

The movie is telling the audience what you must expect from a simple tale of the young Jack with her babysitter Elizabeth. Elizabeth used this occasion to instruct Jack the carving art from a pumpkin, but, then this movie takes a path that you will not see coming and it is a path that leads into some very great horrific instances of making gore.

The director will certainly become one of the many best horror short film directors that exponentially grows to be recognized through word of mouth and audience appreciation. The movie is beautifully filmed, that used October setting too perfectly made it and everything, like from the lightings to the special and practical effects set in at the bar for whichever other short movies can be judged. Jack Attack proved that there’s still quality are made in short movie formats that are even worthy to become a champ.

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